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"Change your thoughts, change your destiny." 

This retreat is an offering for the healing woman. The ones who are ready to rest, expand, receive, and regenerate. It's time to tap into the inner chambers of the love you carry within yourself and let that warmth flood all aspects of your divine being. 

This retreat is supported by the Sea Star spirit. The Sea Star invites us to embody our senses, to regenerate, to more deeply love ourselves and others, to get into our bodies, and to feed our interior fires and passions.


"Katlyn creates such a lovely, peaceful and safe space for all of us ladies. It’s such a homey feeling right when you walk in the door. The food is soo amazing, the space we’re in is absolutely stunning and the vibes are all on point. Every single woman I’ve met on retreat are all so loving and accepting. It’s so freeing and liberating to be with such an amazing group of women. 

You will learn, you will laugh, you will cry, you will breathe through it and you will grow. At the end you will feel rejuvenated and in tune with yourself. The power of women is a real thing and we ARE the magic! ✨

You are worth it! 😃" 


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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