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Long ago, women took to the ‘The Red Tent’ to honor the feminine shamanism of the blood mysteries; menstruation, birth, & menopause. In this space, women found support, community and sisterhood among their friends, mothers, sisters, and aunties. Nowadays, growing a family can often be isolating, anxiety-provoking, even infuriating, and an overall intimidating experience. The Red Tent brings clarity to the mystery, holds hope when doubt creeps in and creates a community of those with shared intentions; acting as doula to the mother energy. We are here to bring back the support of The Red Tent.

Womb to womb we stand in the initiation of the Mother; in witness, in community, in creative hope.

People deserve community. Our bodies are the furthest thing from taboo. Our bodies have their own needs, bleeds, and cycles. We’re not statistics. We’re people. We believe that families grow in the direction and in the seasons they need to. We believe in the cycles of the body and that its “silent” language says more to us than a scale or a period tracker ever could. We believe in going within for our truths and we reverently believe in having safe and supportive community to witness those truths is the medicine of our time. We believe that “pregnancy” looks different for everyone and that gestation begins when we conceive the mother energy. 


This group is for you if you’re in a cycle of deep soulful intention of growing your family; whether you’re calling in conception, are currently pregnant, in the adoption and/or fostering process, or any of the other miraculous ways families grow, we welcome you. Our intention is to kindle a village of hope, creativity, compassion, and witness together. Through creating deep connection with the cycles of our body and the Moon, we will become more attuned and reassociated with our feminine power.


The group is a safe space where we engage in intentional practices. Vigil, creativity, prompt, support, connection, nature, awareness, and Spirit are the corners the tent is built on. These practices will align the Self on the path of becoming the Mother. 


If you’re looking for creative community to weather the highs and lows, accountability for your hope, and to tap into your creative center as you act as channel for your growing family, we hope you will join us. 



All times listed are CST |

central time zone. 

  • welcome package with supplies for our gatherings, intentional goods, & a whole lot of love that will be shipped to you

  • supportive content to invoke the mother & nurture you- delievered weekly to your inbox

  • six live zoom gatherings

    • May 5th, 7:30 PM Opening Ceremony on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse​​​

    • May 14th, 6:30 PM Mother's Day & a Discussion of the Great Mother Goddesses 

    • May 21st, 6:30 PM An Invitation to our Lineages

    • May 28th, 6:30 PM Fertility Totem Sculpture class

    • June 4th, 6:30 PM The Cradle of Co-Creation

    • June 9th, 7:30 PM Closing Ceremony​​

  • book club for Maiden to Mother X Sarah Durham Wilson

    • May 9th, May 23rd, and June 6th at 7:15 PM​



After journeying through a month of content & community together we invite you to join us in manifesting our online community into physical space. This retreat is only open to our red tent sisters.

  • three Nights in sacred community

  • expansive content

  • incredible community

  • all supplies for ritual & art

  • breakfast, lunch, dinner

July 6-9

in Maiden Rock,