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"I have worked with Katlyn at the moon pages in many different contexts. I have attended her astrology classes, retreats, astrological chart readings, and mystic Monday offerings. Katlyn is wise beyond her years. She is soft yet fierce. She has taught me that there is value in learning from someone younger than you and helped me break through the limiting belief I held regarding thinking my teachers needed to be wise elders. This witchy woman IS a wise elder. Her guidance has been priceless. If you're considering working with Katlyn I highly recommend that you do so. I recommend her to all of my family and friends and they have been blessed by working with her as well! I've learned and grown within each service/program I've worked with her. I'm so grateful for your wisdom and guidance Katlyn. Thank you for all the ways your light has touched my world."


T H E    T O O L S


astrology is an incredible tool of reflection. It’s a science but also a magic mirror. It offers us an unfiltered look at ourselves that provides excellent guidance and clarity. I utilize the natal charts in readings when I hear, “I’m lost”, “I’m not sure what to do next”, “I’m struggling to step through this”. Astrology helps us identify some of those lost parts of ourselves and lovingly reacquaint and mend them back together. It helps us find our why. 

Birth time, date, and location are needed for casting the natal chart. Please include that in your booking info. 

Not sure of your birth time? See my questions page for advice. 

I offer individual, couples readings*, and familial readings*

(*Having a Couples Reading can be a fun date night adventure, it can be equally fun, medicinal, and eye-opening. (90 minutes) 

*Familial Readings are geared for couples with kids- the family unit. We talk about each of the parents as individuals and touch lightly on child(ren)’s charts and discuss themes, personality, and supportive ways and tools to best benefit everyone in the unit. (Please contact for price, scheduling, & more info)



Tarot | Oracle: 

Tarot is one of my favorite mediums. It offers imagery, language, story, and context for this thing called life. And within that, we find the answers and truths we’re seeking. 

For people who are first-time to tarot, I usually say, “I’m probably not going to tell you anything that you don’t already know.”  

But hearing someone you don’t know verbalize your internal thoughts & feelings is incredibly validating and freeing. 

Which leads to the invitation of doing something about those thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Which is the 2nd reason I love using cards so much: action. 

“Okay, so I know the thing- now WE know the thing. But how do I do the thing? How do I get there?”

These are the questions the cards answer best.



All readings can be formatted to email (which will be an audio recording), zoom or FaceTime, or in person at my office space in Zumbrota, Minnesota. 

All readings can be recorded- feel free to ask! 

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