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once upon a time we honored the soul in our bones, the ritual in our traditions, the sacred knowing in our body

soothe the soul fever 

rekindle your radiance

trust  your  truth

Along the Great Lake, through the woods, to the Hearth of the Soul, we go. 

Welcome to the Soothsayer Retreat invitation. Soothsayer invokes in us the calling to return to our ancient and ancestral hearts, to see, to be Seer. To explore the wisdom that brims from within and more importantly to trust what you find there. To cross the threshold between feeling and becoming. To hold the light up to the gifts within you and allow them to be tenderly nurtured and seen. 

The indigenous Celts believe in the “thin places” the times of the year and locations where it’s possible to more deeply connect with spirit and what is sacred, holy, and unseen. Soothsayer Retreat takes place during Samhain (Halloween) (Oct.31-Nov.1st) a time when the veil is thin. We are nestled on the shores of Lake Super- a threshold where sea meets land. We are rooted here, in this threshold place, incubating in a time and space where we are invited to breathe into the present and be exalted in a deep sense of true knowing.

This retreat is for you if you have felt the pulse of magic within you and refuse to forget it. It is for you if “making it” is no longer good enough and you are clamoring to create it. It is for you if you are ready to sit in the presence of your wisdom instead of your doubts. To retire tradition and restore ritual. It will invite you to more deeply and kindly see yourself and your offerings. 

It will invite you to remember that you are the gift. 


This retreat is open to all genders and open to all those who hold the divine feminine and sacred circles with the deepest of reverence. 

  "Soothsayer felt familial and ancestral, filled with potent magic and ancient wisdom. Connecting with my roots, digging into the marrow of my bones. Sensory immersive and embodied. Earthy musk of the woods, sunrises over the lake, afternoons on the cliff watching the waves crash in. Creating art on a long wooden dining table with sunshiney breezes through open windows. Herbal tea steaming from cups and saucers made of china. Drums and brooms and a crisp chill in the air. Quilts and rugs and secret nooks and crannies. Rich history and front porches and bedtime stories. Candles burning long into the night. It felt like I was remembering who I was by coming back to the body. Wild and primal. Fully present in my physical form, intuition embodied. Expanding into myself, awakening by stepping fully into my essence. Rather than transcending the flesh, I became her."  


the soothsayer offering

oct. 29 - nov. 3

  • five nights on the Soothsayer Retreat

  • breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, & treats. Our menu is created with as much organic & whole ingredients as possible

  • all activites, daily meditations, movement, circle, guidance, & the support of an incredible group of People 

  • supplies for all rituals and activites

  • a swag bag of soulful goods 

 lutsen  minnesota 

*If you're flying in you'll want to check flights into Duluth, Minnesota (DLH) or if you enjoy a drive, Minneapolis (MSP).

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