This life is your story. Your legacy. Your way of being in the world. And it deserves to be heard. Honored. And supported. 

If you are at a crossroads. At your rock bottom. Or on your way up a mountain into the unknown- it is my intention to aid you. Support you. Witness you. To act as a guide, teacher, and companion. 

Life is a continuous tale of transformation. Change is an inevitable truth. It is something that should be held up with reverence even in the most extreme of circumstances. It is my intention to help you embrace the contractions of life at a time when you are ready to birth yourself into a new way of being. 



You are the only person who can do this for you- and you deserve to be supported in doing it. No one comes into this world alone and we need not be alone in our hours of growth and shifting. 

This is a six-week path we travel together. Every week for six consecutive weeks we share space and do the work. Meditation, connection, oracle | tarot, natal chart, art, ritual- all of these are tools at our disposal and will be utilized if and when they are needed. How intensive you want this journey to be is up to you.

You guide the pace.

You choose the path.