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Home Blessings

Home blessings are a wonderful way to begin anew. Whether you are moving into a new home, have completed a renovation, or are starting a new chapter in your life; a blessing can amplify positive energy, offer protection and peace to your sacred space. 

During the blessing, I will enter the home or business and set up my tools to amplify my purpose. Then I will help the space release old stagnant and negative energy while inviting in new bright and pure energy. 

After I am finished I will show you how to bless and set intention for your space. 

I will provide you with any intuitive or psychic messages/ suggestions I received while blessing your space. 

Home Blessings make wonderful gifts. If you're interested in purchasing this service for a loved one please email me at 

If you feel that there is much negativity, heaviness, or darkness in your space I highly recommend a Clearing and a Blessing. 

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Home Clearings

You don't need to be a psychic or intuitive to know if a place "gives you the creeps". Maybe there's a room in your home or work that feels "off". Every time you enter into a certain area your motivation or creativity takes a dive? Maybe there's a space in your home your animals refuse to go near? These are all indicators that old energy is lurking and needs help moving on. 

My Clearings always begin with a consultation. During this consultation, I will come to your space and have you show me the area and tell me what's been going on. I will then attune to the space to see how to best move forward. 

After the initial consultation, I will provide you with a quote for the cost of the Clearing. This quote will breakdown my time, supplies, and any other expenses. The Consultation fee will go towards the total of the quote. Depending on the severity of the space I may need to schedule to come back with the proper tools. If you for any reason decide against using my Home Clearing Service the $50.00 consultation fee is non-refundable.  

After I finish clearing the space I will walk you through my process and pass on any information or suggestions that came to me during the Clearing. 

Nothing to book at the moment
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