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Your Natal Chart, navigated with love, supported by spirit, delivered with clarity, affirmed with Tarot. 

Welcome to my Life Purpose page. This is an offering I truly put my heart and soul into. I use the Natal Chart as a means of seeing and understanding who you are, what you value, where you come from, where you're going, your heart's desires, and what purpose you're striving to fulfill in this life. By using astrology as the grounding agent in this reading I'm able to weave into the threads of your spirit and facilitate a reading that will show you how purposeful your existence truly is. This is a deeply empowering, healing, and affirming reading that will leave you supported while striving to achieve your purpose. 

I truly cherish each of the Life Purpose readings I do. Dancing and channeling into the energy of your light, seeing your hopes and dreams laid bare before me, knowing I can help you connect the dots to achieve your highest potential and confidence in self is such a gift I am honored to carry. 


I will come to this reading with your Natal Chart prepared and we will dive into your personality, life experiences, values, how you act, react, what you love, how you love, what you're predestined to bare and so much more. What the Natal Chart provides is a beautiful picture of who you are,  your existence and all that you have to offer self and others. Using your Natal chart I will have a list of suggestions to correct difficult aspects of life, occupational options that marry career with purpose, and more. 

One of my favorite aspects of the Life Purpose offering is the drawing and painting of the chart. Physically recreating the Natal Chart helps me ground in your energy and what comes through is truly fascinating and beautiful. Each individual is so unique and seeing it all come together through astrology, intuition, art, and mysticism is amazing. 


As I journey through your natal chart messages, poetry, phrases will come through to me. I bind all of these thoughts together in the affirmation section of the Offering. Towards the end of your reading, I will have you read these affirmations. These never fail to leave me absolutely speechless. What spirit has in store for you is ethereally beautiful, potent, and as unique as you are.  

To add imagery and additional insight into our time together we will finish our session with a Tarot Reading. This reading is centered around life purpose and will fill in any remaining gaps and provides powerful insight into how to take physical steps moving forward after this enlightening session. 

“The time I spent with Katlyn was one of the best investments I have ever given myself. The reading she did for my Life Purpose was incredibly validating and gave me the foundation to say “yes this is exactly who I am and what I want to be” with more confidence and certainty. I recorded her reading and I listen to it every year on my birthday while reading the booklet she made me. I also keep the booklet on my nightstand to ground myself when I can’t sleep at night. I use her personalized affirmations as mantras to deepen my meditation practice. Since doing my Life Purpose reading I have seen many more synchronicities and connections to my spiritual path. Katlyn is also great to work with- she is super genuine and her passion for her work is palpable.”


"my session with katlyn was amazing. for someone like me, with a limited understanding of astrology, she broke it down in a way that made it very easy to follow. listening to her go through my natal chart brought so much clarity into my life. i feel confidence in areas that i've always felt weak in and it's even helped strengthen my personal relationships. not only does katlyn provide you with a plethora of information, she also has everything written down (with affirmations!) so i didn't have to write any notes and instead i could just listen and be present. katlyn also did a life purpose spread afterwards which only reaffirmed what my natal chart said. i was amazed. my jaw kept dropping! her enthusiasm and positive energy is infectious and the whole experience was incredibly powerful. i highly recommend booking a session with katlyn- it's life changing!" 

Book Here: 

Please book two at least two weeks from your date of booking.

This offering takes time to prepare. 

Life Purpose readings can be done in-person, via phone,

Facetime, Skype, or Zoom. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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