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L U N A R   S E M E S T E R

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 A Semester of intuitvely crafted study 

 taught in Circle that recognizes each  participant as a teacher & holder of  wisdom. 

Lunar Semester is a labor of calling up ancient wisdom & personal human experience and pouring it forth into a collective container of growth, compassion, and knowledge. 

It is our grandmothers as case studies, it is mythic women & peoples as models, it is the language of astrology, art, and energy. 

It is an invitation to break down what has been systematically taught & inherited and to rebuild & reforge so that we may feel aligned with our own truths instead of conforming to a patriarchal one. 

It’s about waking up, questioning, taking up space, and giving voice to your experiences, your feelings, your ancestors, your wisdoms. 


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This Semester invites us to get our hands dirty digging up the bones of the feminine.

We will discuss the demonization of the feminine,

the witch wound,

destruction magic,

"monstrous" women,

the “death” of the Goddess, and so much more. 

This Semester invites us to question our adversity to the nature around us and within us and to remember that all acts of creation are acts of destruction. 

the lunar semester offering:

-nine classes

-five study halls

-one closing ceremony

-one welcome email with personalized card pulls 

-all classes are recorded

-weekly email prompts


sundays at 11 am
september 25- december 4th at the ZOOM round table
*attendance is never required but always desired 


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Class One: Magic, Emotion, & Instinct 9/25/22

Our introductory class into the semester as well as a study of emotions & instincts- how energy is generated and moved by them.

Class Two: Cancer | The Storm, The Birth 10/2/22

This class is a study of the Astrological sign Cancer and that which lives in its realm. We need all of the cleansing and sustenance the storm has to offer but we fear it all the same- we can’t control the storm or how it leaves us forever changed. Such is the wisdom of Cancer. 


Class Three: The Ladies of the Lake | Sirens, Selkies, and Mermaids- oh my! 10/9/22

A study of the mythic women who made our grandmothers clutch their pearls, how they empower us, and observations of female transformation and metamorphosis. 




Class Four: Temptation | A study of forbidden fruit 10/16/22 

The symbolism of fruit, fertility, and abundance. An invitation for reclamation. 


Class Five: Scorpio | Possessive Death & Reimagined Rebirth 10/23/22

This class is a study of the Astrological sign Scorpio and that which it lords over, that which “haunts the caverns of the soul”.


Class Six: Inanna & the Nine Levels of Hell 11/6/22

Analyzing the story of the Sumerian goddess Inanna and dismantling the demonization of the feminine.  


Class Seven: The Art History & Study of The Tower 11/13/22

Let go of fear and embrace change. Identifying destruction magic through the lens of art, architecture, and The Tarot’s The Tower card. 


Class Eight: Pisces | at the the mercy of imagination 11/20/22

This class is a study of the astrological sign Pisces and that which it bares. The Ocean teaches us the lesson of taking and receiving, that if you’re looking for something specific you’ll miss out what’s right in front of you. It’s the tale of surrender. 


Class Nine: Mythic Monsters & The Witch Hunt 11/27/22

A study of witch hunts and the “Witch Wound” & how we can heal it. 


Class Ten: Closing Class 12/4/22

Recap, Gratitude, and Circle. 

*Classes are approximately 1.5 hours with

time for questions and discussion after 


foxfire wolfskin

Study hall is a bi-monthly evening gathering on zoom where we chat about current class material and prompts and our “book” for this semester, Foxfire, Wolfskin & other Stories of Shapeshifting Women X Sharon Blackie. Study Hall & reading the book is not a requirement just a way to sink deeper into the material.  

List of study hall dates:






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"Lunar semester is both a deep dive and being gently held into new frontiers and ancient wisdoms as one journeys through this beautifully curated container. There are always options to pace oneself and wade as shallow or dive as deep as one desires. Katlyn creates dynamic invitations for anyway you may best engage with yourself or new material. One of the things I love about Katlyn and the spaces she creates is that she truly honors and creates space for the wisdom of all and each person's sovereignty. If you're curious AT ALL, jump on in, or toe tip in, the water is fine 💞"


pay in full or opt for three payments of $148 (charged monthly)

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